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Plans to establish Freedom Schools
Acceptance letter
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Debating guidelines

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Hattiesburg American Aug 18 1964 1xxFebruary, 2008

On this page I list some of the documents distributed to teachers on what Freedom School classes were about and how to approach teaching them.  Elsewhere, I have narrated of my own experience.

This document seems to promote the concept of Freedom Schools before they were actually established.

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Volunteer acceptance letter.

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COFO guide to how to prepare before coming to Mississippi.  I was never asked to provide materials listed here.

Guidelines to help prepare teachers

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Detailed curriculum paralleling treatment of oppression of Southern U.S. blacks with Jews under Nazism.  I don't know if the curriculum discussed similarities in treatment of blacks in the legally segregated South and the legally unsegregated North.

[I don't know what happened to p. 25.]
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This looks like another class or discussion outline.

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This is apparently another Freedom School curriculum.  I note with interest that the writer relies especially heavily on information from Herbert Aptheker.

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Here is a one-page project primer on debating.  I don't know who wrote it; I seriously doubt that I did, but I am sure it helped me in my ignorance of what to do.

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