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Day 1 slides (PDF, ~4.4mb; October 10)

Day 2 slides (PDF, ~4mb; October 17)

Day 3 slides (PDF, ~6.4mb; October 24)

Day 4 slides (PDF, ~4mb; October 31)

Day 5 slides (PDF, ~4mb; November 7 at Yale Peabody museum's Echoes of Egypt)

Reduced version (with some additions) of Day 5 slides, for tour introductions:
Slide presentation for Echoes of Egypt tours (~9mb; latest update: 1-5-2014)

                                                                                            Selection of miscellaneous photos from above presentations

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In October, 2013, I taught a survey of Ancient Egypt at the Institute for Lifelong Learning (ILR) in New Haven, CT.

I had been reading on the subject for a year, first to conduct docent classes for schoolchildren (mostly 6th graders) for the permanent Egypt exhibit at the Yale Peabody Museum, then for a temporary "Echoes of Egypt" (=how did LATER cultures interpret ancient Egypt?).

I am not a trained Egyptologist; I cannot read hieroglyphs, hieratic or demotic scripts, I have done no archaeological field work in Egypt or anywhere else.  What I did for this course was put together what I had learned in what I hoped would be an interesting package--that is, informational content was from scholars and the web, while the only possibly original contribution I made was the organization of the material.

FULL DISCLOSURE: On the PowerPoint presentations, I tried to credit sources but sometimes had lost track of them.  Some of the text is quoted or nearly quoted (I frequently edited content that I copied and pasted but rarely inserted quotation marks), something that would certainly have to be changed if I ever expected to use this material beyond the narrow confines I originally intended.

I attach above PDFs of the PowerPoint presentations I created for the class. 

I also attach the latest copy (many times corrected and expanded) of a slide presentation to introduce my tours of the Echoes of Egypt exhibit that closed January 5, 2014.

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