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Height:      5'9"                                Weight:     200                             Eyes:   blue                                  Hair:     brown


STAGE (partial listing: leads and major roles)

Connecticut (since 2003)

I’m Not Rappaport                                        Nat                                                      Groton Repertory

Death of a Salesman                                     Willy Loman                                         Ivoryton Playhouse

For the Use of the Hall                                 Allen                                                     UConn (Avery Point)

New York (1994-1998)

A Lie of the Mind (Shepard)                          Baylor                                                   Third Eye Repertory

The Apollo of Bellac (Giraudoux)                  Company President                                Acme Players

Biography, a Game (Frisch)                          Kurmann                                                East Side parks

Yesterday's Mercy (new play)                        neurotic, lonely car buyer (co-lead)         ATA (rehearsed; author withdrew script)

The Family Web (new play)                          Robert (father, wanderer)                       Theater 22

He Ain't Heavy (new play)                            Nathan (family patriarch, co-lead)           Theatre-Studio

Grotesque Love Songs (Nigro)                     Dan                                                        Looking Glass Theater

Outside New York (pre-1994)

Green Fingers                                              British judge/Scots gangster                    Triangle Theater, Boston

The Professional (new Yugoslav play)          Theodore Kry (writer: lead)                    Mass Bay Theater Co., Boston

The Author's Voice                                       Gene (satyr: co-lead)                              Mass Bay Theater Co., Boston

A Company of Wayward Saints                   Harlequin                                                Theater at Old South, Boston

The Actor's Nightmare                                 George Spelvin                                       Brookline Theater, MA

Stand-up Tragedy                                         Father Larkin                                         SpeakEasy Stage Co., Boston

The Seagull                                                   Trigorin                                                  Chekhov Theater, Boston

A Thousand Clowns                                     Murray Burns                                         Wig & Whiskers, Needham, MA

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie                    Teddy Lloyd                                           Squirrel Hill, Berkeley, CA

Business Theater (1997)

(Family Business seminars)                            CEO of a family bakery                           Breakthrough Communications, Chicago

FILM (partial listing, non-extra work, 1994-present)

New Jersey Drive                                         police lawyer (principal)                          Universal Studios

     (dir: Nick Gomez)                                                                                                                   (exec. producer: Spike Lee)

Looking for Art in All the Wrong Places     father in dysfunctional family (principal)    Reality Films (independent)

No Loose Ends (film without dialogue)          suicidal professional (sole role)                 NY Film Academy (advanced pgm)

Jack (film without dialogue)                           paranoid derelict (sole role)                      NYU grad film

Dan                                                              troubled professional (lead)                       NY Film Academy (advanced pgm)

There Was These Two Black Guys              TV news manager (major role)                  New School thesis

John’s Wife                                                  incestuous single father (co-lead)               NYU thesis

Last Call at the Cosmic Bar & Grill           bartender (co-lead)                                    Boston Univ. thesis

Company Policy                                          drunk executive (co-lead)                          NYU thesis

Game Theory (vignette)                                psychiatrist (lead)                                      NYU thesis

VOICE OVER: Dubbing English dialogue into foreign films (Paris)

                         Recording books for the blind and dyslexic (New Haven, CT)


Gene Frankel (NY)                                                                  Patty Collinge (Cambridge; on-camera techniques)

Roger Simon (NY)                                                                   Danny Driscoll (Cambridge; commercial work)

Lindsay Crouse (Cambridge)                                                    Bob Bouffier (Boston; scene study)

London, San Francisco, Berkeley (acting, improvisation)


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