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Wedding with Barbara
June 3, 2012

The wedding program

Photos from David Frost (the photographer we hired):

Videos on youtube (unless otherwise noted, all filmed by Joe Blumberg on an iPad 3)

Waiting for events to begin:

David and Mom enter: (filmed by Susie Thompson)

Andy and Sarah enter: (filmed by Susie Thompson)

Jason and Annie enter: (filmed by Susie Thompson)

David and Steviann enter: (filmed by Susie Thompson)

Joel and Pam enter: (filmed by Susie Thompson)

Izzy (ring bearer) and Amira (flower girl) enter: (filmed by Susie Thompson)

Barbara and I and her son, Rick, enter: (filmed by Susie Thompson)

Rick sending Barbara and me to the Gazebo; beginning of ceremony: (filmed by Susie Thompson)

The wedding ceremony (28 minutes):

Our early e-mail exchange (15 minutes; repeats part of the wedding ceremony): (filmed by Susie Thompson)

Long Island Sound just after the wedding; flute and cello playing:

Long Island Sound at sunset:

My mother's toast:

Pam's (Barbara's sister-in-law's) toast:

Joel's (Barbara's brother's) toast:

A rainbow appears (it rained before the ceremony and after everyone was indoors for dinner):

Guests at dinner:

I waltz with Mom:

Barbara dances with her son, Rick:

Barbara and I feed each other wedding cake:

Barbara and I at the strawberry/chocolate fondue fountain:

Text of selections from Barbara's and Richard's early courting e-mail exchange

Barbara's wedding vows
Richard's wedding vows

Barbara prepared a slide show of our 22 months together to run during the wedding.  We left it home.  (The 40MB pdf may take awhile to download to your computer for viewing.)